The Three Bridges – South Queensferry

Distance: 26.64 miles/38.04 km. All routes start/finish at Middle Meadow Walk junction.

Duration: Approx 2-3 hours at a gentle pace.

Terrain: A mixture of shared use tarmac cycle paths, rougher gravel paths and quiet roads. Suitable for hybrids bikes and mountain bikes. Mostly flat but with some small undulations.

Description: A very picturesque route that takes you out via Cramond, a suburb to the north-east of Edinburgh city centre, then through the Dalmeny Estate to the coastal town of South Queensferry.

There are quite a few restaurants and cafe’s to have lunch or refreshments whilst in South Queensferry. The Hawes Inn featured in the famous book Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson. There is also an amazing view of the Three Forth Bridges, which were built in three different centuries. If you want we can cycle onto the Forth Road Bridge, which is only used for cyclists and public transport, as the newly opened Queensferry Crossing is for cars and the Forth Bridge is for trains.

Places of interest on the route: CramondDalmeny EstateSouth Queensferry; Forth Bridges.